Contribution installment (consits of 3 x € 300,-)

Involved B.V. will be, as far as may reasonably be expected, responsible for the costs that the candidate must incur for this training program in the Netherlands, which concerns:

educational costs:  Costs for practical tests at the university (ACTA), application for BIG registration, folders, copies, postage. During education, different trips are planned to various destinations within the Netherlands. This with purpose to get well informed about the country, the people and culture for an appropriate integration.

costs for food and drinks: food and drinks for breakfast, lunch and dinner (or the regular costs of food and drinks) are provided from Monday to Friday.

travelling expenses: travelling costs within the Netherlands for this education, which means: – from and to airport – from private residence to course location and vice versa; – to dental practices and back; – during working visits and other trips.

accommodation expenses: In order to save additional costs of education, a basic residence will be provided with good accommodation and sufficient privacy. If more comfort and luxury is desired by the candidate. He/she can organize this him/herself. Under condition that this location is close to the main residence

During the education, Involved B.V. will also provide guidance to candidate in:

  • preparing for taking some practical tests at ACTA, Amsterdam Dental University;
  • applying for the BIG registration (in order to be able to work independently as a dentist in the Netherlands and submit invoices);
  • different administrative requirements, like for example (temporary) residence permission, compulsory health and damage insurance.

During the training and internship process from start to end of education, the candidate only pays a contribution as follow:

  • Registration fee (once) € 200,-
  • contribution installment € 300,- – at the beginning of education
  • contribution installment € 300,- – middle of education period
  • contribution installment € 300,- – end of education
Contribution installment Involved BV

Conribution installment