Dental Practices

With Involved, you as a dentist and your practice are substantively involved in the process to be followed.

What are you looking for? What do you expect?

And what would you offer the candidate?

We screen your practice for checking this out..

All candidates go through a tough screening process with personality test before they can start the training. Thus we start from the right context.

We work together with dentists within Involved so that we meet the requirements of dental profession. We involve them in the training we provide the candidates.

Because we aim for long-term results, we take everyone’s input for serious and, for our part, also give guarantees on our service.

Also when the candidate starts working in practice, we remain on giving guidance by ‘Involved’ to remain on good cooperation.

We focus on those countries where we notice that culture, attitude, habits and communication offers sufficient connections to our situation.

In addition, the dental program is of such a level that we respectfully find a ‘reliable’ partner in each other (it’s not only about a correct curruculum).

A condition from side of Involved to the dental practice is that your practice has at least two dentists who also work in the practice at the same time.