Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know that I am receiving the right candidate?

You don’t know this for 100% until the moment of collaboration. We do our best to find the right candidate for the right practice.

Our team consists of passionate and professional people with guts. We have an open and enthusiastic appearance. The customer’s question is leading for us and we work in a highly targeted manner.

In several countries, dentists are brimming with talent, passion and energy and are looking for new challenges.

Involved searches, finds and selects motivated and driven people in the dental profession. We spend a lot of time and energy on our recruitment process, which enables us to make sustainable matches. We pay a lot of attention to our intake procedure and preparation time. Our ultimate goal is to make the perfect match with a candidate who fits well within the corporate culture of the dental practice and is therefore in his or her place!

We do our work well and always look for ways to improve. We use the following core values:

Reliable: We are open, transparent and say what it stands for. We are honest about what we can and cannot do. We are direct but respectful and allow ourselves to be approached where necessary. We focus 100% on what is important and finish what we start. A deal is a deal, we keep our promises.

Customer and goal oriented: We think along and come up with creative solutions. We work with a clear goal in mind. We are constantly looking for added value for dental practices in the Netherlands in combination with foreign dentists. We would like to deliver concrete, measurable results. We have strong shoulders and like to unburden others.

How much time does the transfer take from start to end?

This takes about a year in total. This is from the moment of screening until someone actually starts working in your practice.

Why does this take so much time?

It takes a lot of time (9 months) for candidates to learn our language. The foreign dentists we speak, indicate without exception, that this is the most difficult part.

Can the process be shortened?

In theory this is possible, but too often it has been found that this is at the expense of quality.
It’s important that the candidate has successfully completed his language test (NT2).
As long as this is not the case, BIG registration is also not possible. and someone has to work under the “extended arm construction”.
This we want to prevent as much as possible.

Can any foreign dentist register as a candidate?

Yes, any candidate dentist can register.
After registration, some test and screening moments will follow in order to achieve an optimal match between candidate and practice.


Why did you choose the name "Involved"?

Because we know that we are involved as well as to the dental practice/team, as well as to the candidate and the dental profession.

Why does Involved choose to initially search for dentists within Serbia, Poland and Romania?

We usually have good experiences with the universities in these countries, the (work) mentality of these people and their way of communicating.

Moreover, the culture of these countries is in an important way strongly related to our culture (more than a number of other countries).